About SW Labradors

Our Breeding Standards

There is so much time, effort, cost, and thought that goes into a responsible breeding program, and we take every part of that very seriously. Our primary focus is to produce genetically sound, intelligent, and gorgeous Labrador pups who meet or exceed the breed standard. We raise Yellow, (ranging in coat color from light cream to fox red), Black, & Chocolate English Labradors.

Our dogs and puppies are raised as a part of our family, and each pup is placed in a home that will treat them the same way. Because our primary focus in raising pups will always be quality, and not quantity, we have a limited number of pups throughout the year. With this in mind, it is often necessary to be put on a waiting list for an upcoming litter when searching for the perfect pup. Believe us, they are worth the wait!

If you are interested in adopting a puppy, or reserving a pup from a future litter, please get in touch with us! It is our pleasure to answer any and all questions you may have, and we thoroughly enjoy getting to know your family.

it is of the utmost importance that each pup we raise is cuddled and loved on, properly cared for, well socialized, and given absolutely the best start possible for a long vibrant life. From the time of birth to the time of adoption into their new homes, our pups are spoiled with the best of everything. Along with the superior care that our pups receive, it is of equal importance to us that our adults also are given the best care possible. Each adult is a part of our family, and treated that way. Although we have too many Labradors to have them all in our home, (we would need a bigger house!) we have created the next best thing: The Dog Haus.

We have spent the past 10 years dreaming and planning of a facility that would meet and exceed our demands as a responsible, conscious breeder. We wanted a place where our adults could live in comfort, where they could get the exercise and playtime they need, and where our customers could come visit and feel welcomed. Since moving to our current location in September of 2017, we have worked feverishly to make such a place a reality. Although it is still a work in progress, much of our dream kennel is now finished and functioning beautifully! 

It's a Lab's life

SW | Labradors is owned and operated by Dan & Savanah Wood, a husband and wife team with a passion for the English Labrador Retriever. What started out in 2009 as a pair of Labradors, has blossomed and grown into a full-blown Labrador family!

We are located on 10 beautiful acres in rural Sheridan, Michigan. It is quiet and lovely here; a perfect place to raise our human and dog family!