Adopting an SW|Labrador Pup

English yellow Labrador pup

Reserving a pup for your family

If you are interested in adopting one of our Labrador babies, the very first thing you should do is get in touch with us. It is very important to us that we get to know just a bit about you and your family. Our pups are hand-raised alongside our family in a loving, nurturing environment, and we take great care to ensure they are placed in homes that will treat them the same way. We are blessed to have met such wonderful people through the years!

Quality Diet & Nutrition

Along with lots of love, socialization, proper veterinary care, and daily playtime, it is essential that young pups receive a proper diet to get them off to a great start. Selecting a quality puppy food that will provide them with the necessary nutrients is crucial for a puppy's mental and physical development. 

When the weaning process for our pups first begins at around 4 weeks of age, we slowly introduce them to a probiotic-packed raw Kefir milk that is sourced from a nearby holistic farm. At this time, we also start them on NuVet Plus, a high quality human-grade vitamin supplement formulated just for dogs and pups.

Royal Canin Puppy Food

We feed our pups Royal Canin puppy food. During weaning, we begin adding puppy food to their diet at about 4.5-5 weeks of age. We start with a special pro formula just for breeders, blended specifically for young weaning pups and their nursing mothers. As time progresses, what started out as mushy kibbles soaked in raw Kefir and NuVet Vitamin powder slowly transforms to plain dry kibbles.

At about 6-7 weeks, we slowly transition them to the Royal Canin Labrador Puppy formula. When your pup is ready to be adopted at 8 weeks, he is completely weaned from his mother's milk, and is eating this formula in dry kibbles. By this time, he is also eating the wafer form NuVet Vitamin rather than the powder.

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Little extras for your pup

Things included with your pup

Things included with your pup

English yellow Labrador pup

We send all of our pups home with a small fleece blanket that has mother and littermate's scents on it. This will help your pup as he transitions to his new family and environment. Although it doesn't magically cure nighttime crying, it really does help!

Along with all of the physical things that are sent home with our pups,  we also offer support and advice to our wonderful clients before, during, and most importantly after the adoption process. We want to be available for you on your journey with your new pup!

Things included with your pup

Things included with your pup

Things included with your pup

fox red English Labrador pups

  • AKC Registration Document & Litter Pedigree
  • Dew claws removed by our veterinarian
  • Puppy Folder with thorough health records
  • Current Vaccinations & De-worming
  • AKC Reunite Microchip
  • 26 Month Written Health Guarantee
  • Full vet exam at 6 weeks of age
  • Royal Canin Puppy Food (Puppy kit with sample bag)
  • NuVet Vitamin starter pack (1 week supply)

Our Deposit Policy

We are not able to hold a particular pup, or a position on one of our waiting lists without a deposit.

Our deposit is $300, and can be paid through PayPal, or by mailing a check. Please note, we can only accept checks as the method of payment if there is at least 1 week clearing time before the pup is ready for adoption. The remaining balance of the puppy adoption fee is due at the time of adoption for pups being picked up in person, or one week prior for pups being flown to their new families.

We accept deposits for 3 males and 3 females for each upcoming litter. Once the litter is born, and we know there are more pups available, we will then take deposits for these pups.

If a litter does not produce enough males or females that we have taken deposits for, you have the option to transfer your deposit to another gender/color, or to the next available litter. If we are not able to produce you the desired gender/color within 6 months after the original litter you placed a deposit on, we will gladly refund your deposit if you so choose. This scenario is rare however, and we think a perfect pup is worth the wait if necessary!

Deposits are non-refundable for any other reason than mentioned above. They are however, completely transferrable to another litter/gender/color, *(assuming availability) and your deposit credit does not expire.

Once a litter is born, we contact each family who has a deposit placed and let them know the litter outcome. We take photos of the pups at roughly 1 week of age, and then every 12-14 days following until they are adopted into their new homes. These photo updates can be viewed on our website.Families with deposits will also be contacted within a week or two of the pups' birth to schedule a visit with us and the pups when they reach 6 weeks of age and have received their first vaccinations. For long distance customers, or those not able to make the trip at the 6 week mark, we stay in close communication, and work hard to take videos and photos of the pups to help them choose. It is also very helpful to know exactly what each family is looking for in a pup, be it temperament, coat color, size, etc. It is our desire and ultimate goal to match you up with your ideal pup! 

Once the pups reach 8 weeks of age, they are ready for adoption into their new forever homes. To maximize scheduling efficiency we typically set the adoption appointments up early on so everyone has time to prepare for their new pup's arrival.

Past English Black Labrador Pup

Past English Black Labrador Pup


Puppy Deposit

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A receipt will be emailed to the address you provided to PayPal. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.