Stunning AKC English Chocolate, Yellow, & Fox Red Labrador Pups Available!

We have beautiful Labrador babies available!

 We currently have chocolate, yellow, & fox red Labrador puppies available. Scroll down to see our current litters and available pups. Photos of each litter below!

Jack Frost x Zippo Litter, DOB: 06/14/2019


Litter Availability

There are currently 4 handsome males available for adoption out of this litter. Pups are just 11 weeks old, and are ready to take home! Scroll down to see photos of each available pup. 

This is a repeat breeding of these two parents, and their past pups have grown into beautiful, impressive adults! Zippo and Jack Frost both possess wonderful temperaments, sound genetics, and together produce intelligent, top-quality English pups. These pups are extremely well socialized with young children, other dogs and puppies, and kittens! They are current on vaccinations and deworming, and are also micro-chipped. 

$1500 Adoption Fee, pet only registration.

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Jack Frost

Jack Frost, handsome light yellow English Labrador male

Jack Frost, our stunning light cream English Labrador Retriever male.


Zippo, beautiful light yellow English female

Beautiful Zippo, our light cream English female.

Tucker x Rumor Litter, DOB: 06/16/2019


Litter Availability

There are currently chocolate females and 1 male available, as well as yellow males and females from this litter! 

Adoption Info

Rumor welcomed her first litter of 11 beautiful pups on June 16th! She did a tremendous job, we are so proud of her! This is a first time breeding for both Tucker and Rumor, and we are so pleased with these pups. Tucker and Rumor are both loving, sociable, happy-go-lucky Labradors. They love the water and playtime of any kind. Their pups are sociable, friendly, cuddly and fun-loving!! 

$1500 Adoption Fee, pet only registration.


Tucker, English Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male

Tucker, 95 lb. handsome English Labrador Retriever male.


Rumor, English chocolate Labrador Retriever Female

Rumor, 70 lb. beautiful English chocolate Labrador Retriever female.


Esau, fox red English Labrador Retriever male.



Beautiful Ebony, black English female.

Esau x Ebony Litter, DOB: 06/19/2019


Litter Availability

There are 3 yellow males available in this litter! Pups are 8 weeks old and ready for adoption into their forever homes!

Adoption Info

There are two words for Ebony and Esau...LAID BACK! Ebony doesn't get worked up about much of anything, rarely barks, and doesn't jump. Esau also has a delightfully calm temperament, and just as we expected their pups have wonderfully laid back personalities.

$1500 Adoption Fee, pet only registration.

English Fox red litter, Esau x Sedona, DOB: 06/28/19


Esau, our handsome fox red English Labrador Retriever male.


Sedona, our stunning fox red English Labrador Retriever female

Gorgeous Sedona, our fox red English Labrador Retriever female.

Esau x Sedona Reservation List


Litter Availability

1st Pick Female ~Reserved, SW Labradors

2nd Pick Female ~Reserved, Tina from MI

3rd Pick Female ~Reserved, Linda from MI

4th Pick Female ~Reserved, Jaclyn from MI

5th Pick Female ~Available!

6th Pick Female ~Available!

7th Pick Female ~Available!

1st Pick Male ~Reserved, Alex & Erika from MI

Adoption Info

This is a stunning all fox red English litter! The pups have plenty of wrinkles, and dark fox red coat coloring. Their eyes have now opened, and they are tumbling around over each other, and making adorable noises. Sedona is a first time mama, and has handled it so well! 

$300 deposit required to hold a position on our reservation list, payable via PayPal or by mailing a check. Families with deposits choose their individual pup at 6 weeks of age, the weekend of August 9th. 

Pups will be ready for adoption at 8 weeks of age, the weekend of August 23rd.

$1500 adoption fee, pet only registration. 

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Upcoming SEptember 2019 Litter


Ruby, fox red English Labrador female

Ruby, English fox red female Labrador

Jack the Red

Jack the Red, fox red English Labrador male

Jack the Red, English fox red male Labrador

Ruby x Jack the red Reservation List

past English Labrador Retriever puppy

Litter Availability

1st Pick Female ~Available!

2nd Pick Female ~Available!

3rd Pick Female ~Available!

1st Pick Male ~RESERVED, Cathy from MI

2nd Pick Male ~RESERVED. Gordon from IA

3rd Pick Male ~Hold for DeAndre & Siata from MI

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