Stunning AKC English Chocolate, Yellow, & Fox Red Labrador Pups Available!

Available English Labrador Retriever male pup

Ebony x Esau Litter

English Yellow/Black Litter, DOB: 06/19/19

Ebony welcomed 8 beautiful pups on June 19th. Ebony's sweet, docile spirit make her a doting and devoted mother. The pups have grown into stunning puppies! There are currently 3 English yellow males available from this litter, and all of them are keepers. With their handsome looks, and friendly, affectionate demeanors, these boys will make wonderful pets. Just like all of our pups, they have been very well socialized and played with since they were very young. Kittens, children, other dogs, and loud noises have all been appropriately introduced and continued throughout their 8 weeks of life. This litter is fully weaned, and has just started going home with their new families.

There are two words for Ebony and Esau's personalities...LAID BACK! Ebony doesn't get worked up about much of anything, rarely barks, and doesn't jump. Esau also has a delightfully calm temperament, and just as we expected, their pups are very relaxed and chill. (For puppies, that is!) 

$1500 Adoption Fee, pet only registration.

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Ebony, the dam


 Ebony, 70 lb. English Black Labrador Retriever Female

Hips & Elbows: OFA Good & Normal

Esau, the sire


Esau, Handsome 90 lb. English Fox Red Labrador Retriever Male

Parents Hips and Elbows: OFA Good & Normal

EIC, CNM, DM, PRA-prcd: Clear by parentage

Ebony & Esau's Available Pups

Oscar, Available Male

Ollie, available yellow English Labrador male pup

Oscar is so much like Esau! (the sire) He has an amazing head, dark lined eyes, and a stocky, English build. He is loving and cuddly, and is very chill for a pup.

Ollie, Available Male

Ollie, Available yellow male pup

Ollie is so much fun! From the beginning, he has been the litter's clown. Not that he is overly energetic or hyper, he just likes to have a good time. He would be a great fit for an active family, as he is up for adventure!

Monty, Available Male

Monty, available English male

Monty is so solid and handsome, he will no doubt be a very big boy when full grown! He has beautiful coloring too, with light-medium shades of yellow and apricot. He is so delightfully calm, and is content just being held. He is getting a little too big to carry around, but because of his docile spirit we still do!